Inland Revenue

June 11, 2012

Yes, I know “people are being annoying on the internet” is hardly news, but I was annoyed by a thread on twitter this morning.  People were recounting occasions when they had telephoned the Department and had good customer service, which, yay!   But what annoyed me was that the Department they thought they had telephoned was the Inland Revenue – which, as any fule kno, was merged with Customs and Excise to form Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in 2005, or seven years ago!

A little bird tells me that this may not, entirely, be the fault of public ignorance.

“Work to update the office signs outside HMRC buildings is almost complete. HMRC’s Estates and Support Services has been working with contractors to remove external signs that referred to HM Customs and Excise or Inland Revenue…”

Yes folks, after a mere seven years, the work to update the signs outside the Department’s buildings with their new name is almost – and don’t you just love that word “almost”? – complete!


“HMRC’s enquiry centres were initially not included in the project, but are now next on the list to have their signs replaced.”

“Enquiry Centres”, of course, being the buildings that the public actually visit!

Of course, I have no way of telling whether little bird is actually telling me the truth, so let’s crowd-source it.  If you happen to be passing an HMRC office today, please have a quick look at the name plate outside and post your photo onto twitter.  Use the hashtag “7yearpix” and we’ll regroup and compare notes later.


  1. Typical innit? That news certainly does not surprise me.
    I will check out the Enquiry Centre in town after work today and report back. Sadly, however, I will be unable to be a twitface, as I no longer have an account (and nor do I intend to start now

  2. […] I suddenly remembered that on 11 June last year I blogged about the HMRC Enquiry Offices not being included in the programme of work that – […]

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