Diary time

July 30, 2012

No, not a post advocating the reintroduction of the Milk Marketing Board – that would be dairy time (although, incidentally, I do wonder why the farmers don’t join together and form local cooperatives and sell their own milk…)

No, no – today is just a quick run round the latest tax tracker which was published last Friday.  And, oh look, remember those consultations “to be published” in May, and then June, and then July?  Well we’re now down to a mere seven which are to be published “in the summer” (or even “in the autumn”), and only three of those are “formal”, ie will come with a consultation document open to all of us, and (one hopes) a TIIN showing the costs and benefits.

They are:

  • Personal Independence Payments: trusts for vulnerable people
  • VAT: exemption for education providers, and
  • Integrating the operation of income tax and National Insurance contributions

Because none of those sounds at all controversial or difficult, right???

Also, I have written before about the frustrations of trying to work with the Direct Gov consultation website and its multiple links to departmental pages, and the frustration of finding the Treasury consultation page gives an unsortable PDF rather than something that’s usable – although there’s a fuller list on the web page, in order of publication.  Well, here, for your diary, is a list of the tax consultations which are open over the summer in what I hope is a more useful format, ie in the order in which the consultation closes!!!  Because, complaining apart, the slow-motion car-crash that was the last budget does at least have the saving grace of being subject to consultation before it gets enshrined in law.  So don’t miss the consultation you’re interested in because you were on holiday when the consultation closed!

16 Aug Consultation into the Taxation of Controlling Persons (HMRC led)
16 Aug Withdrawing a notice to file a self-assessment form (HMRC led)
20 Aug Taxations of unauthorised unit trusts (HMRC led)
23 Aug Ensuring fair taxation for residential property transactions
30 Aug Consultation on a disincorporation relief
6 Sep Securing compliance with Real Time Informaton (RTI) (HMRC led)
6 Sep Life insurance: Qualifying Policies (HMRC led)
10 Sep Corporation tax reliefs for the creative sector
13 Sep Statutory residence test/ ordinary residence/ statement of practice 1/09 Disclosure of tax avoidance
14 Sep General anti-abuse rule (GAAR) consultation (HMRC led)
18 Sep Enterprise Management Incentives: extending access for academic employees (HMRC led)
18 Sep Office of Tax Simplification’s report on tax advantaged employee share schemes (HMRC led)
1 Oct Decommissioning Relief Deeds: Increasing tax certainty for oil and gas investment in the UK Continental Shelf
5 Oct Use of rebated fuel for gritting activities in rural areas (HMRC led)
5 Oct Delivering a cap on income tax relief: a technical consultation
5 Oct Inheritance tax: simplifying charges on trusts (HMRC led)
9 Oct Stamp duty land tax: sub sales (HMRC led)
15 Oct Foreign currency assets and chargeable gains (HMRC led)
15 Oct Lifting the lid on Tax Avoidance Schemes (HMRC led)
17 Oct VAT treatment of small cable-based transport (HMRC led)

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