Your Friday moment of zen

August 3, 2012

Here is the 49th edition of the HMRC “Working Together” publication, for tax agents and professionals.  Which of these pearls of wisdom have I invented?

  • Advice: don’t put your computer password on a whiteboard
  • Advice: don’t put your computer password on a post-it note on the computer screen
  • No, don’t put the post-it note with your computer password under the keyboard either
  • It’s radical but it just might work – HMRC have a year long trial in place of some new technology called… email
  • There’s a list of HMRC contacts… but it’s on the ICAEW website
  • There’s a trial going on of a fabulous way of getting HMRC letters answered faster… by putting secret code words in the heading (for example: “complaints”)
  • The Working Together process has been so successful… that they’re discussing abolishing it.
[answer: erm… none of them, actually]

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