Small business and the disincorporation relief revisited

September 10, 2012

The team conducting the consultation into the disincorporation relief got in touch last week and, with permission, I’m posting their reply.

Thanks for your response and please accept out apologies for the incorrect email address (it should have a “gsi”). I am investigating getting a message out to put this right. We would accept late contributions resulting from this.

On your comments, appreciate your point regarding getting the information the Government is looking for. We have discussed with small business stakeholder groups and have been exploring ways to reach small businesses. However, this is a relatively complex area, the document was intended to try and make it more approachable but I appreciate it will still be difficult for some audiences.

On the overall ‘demand’ for business looking to disincorporate, we have the survey results from OTS and were hoping agents or rep bodies might be able to help supplement this. We will also be looking internally at the likely market for the relief if Ministers decide to take it forward. Any further thoughts you have on this are obviously welcome.

Thanks again for you contribution. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards

Two particular points to note: it seems they’ll still take late contributions to the discussion.  And, after I went back to them and replied suggesting they tried, you know, twitter, it might be worth keeping an eye on your twitter feed.

The Treasury official twitter feed (where, presumably, they might ask for feedback) is @hmtreasury.  The HMRC feed is @HMRCgovuk.  Oh, and I’m @wendybradley, although I also do a pared down, tax only, feed as @tiintax.

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