Catching up

October 5, 2012

Sorry I’ve been quiet: first couple of weeks of my PhD studies and I’ve been running around trying to get my act together.  However let’s catch up on what’s going on in the wonderful world of tax consultations.  And I see we have a number of consultations closing today, as well as a nice collection to keep us busy over the next few weeks.

And, given the government’s inability to produce a list of its consultations in order of the date they close (why?  Why?  How hard could it be??) I thought I would publish here for your delight and delectation the ones I’ve found that are coming up.

5  Oct  Use of rebated fuel for gritting activities in rural areas
5  Oct  Inheritance tax: simplifying charges on trusts
5  Oct  Delivering a cap on income tax relief: a technical consultation –
9  Oct  Amending the Stamp Duty Land Tax Transfer of Rights Rules
9  Oct  Stamp duty land tax: sub sales
10 Oct  Setting the strategy for UK payments
12 Oct  Decommissioning Relief Deeds: Increasing tax certainty for oil and gas investment in the UK Continental Shelf
15 Oct  Foreign currency assets and chargeable gains
15 Oct  Lifting the lid on Tax Avoidance Schemes 
15 Oct  Foreign currency assets and chargeable gains
17 Oct  AT treatment of small cable-based transport
22 Oct  The attribution of gains to members of closely controlled non-resident companies
5 Nov  Life insurance policies: time apportionment reductions
8 Nov  Consultation on vulnerable beneficiary trusts
23 Nov  Information powers (Informal consultation)
23 Nov  Implementing the UK-US FATCA Agreement
5 Dec  VAT: exemption for education providers

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