Spam, spam spam spam, luverly spam, wonderful spam!

November 7, 2012

(And hands up if you were singing along)

No, just amused to notice that, even when I’m not posting because of PhD pressures, I’m still getting about the same number of readers, and the same number of spam comments.  That warm glow that you get from someone posting a comment about how helpful they found your information… till you see it’s attached to a link for counterfeit handbags.  And then there was the comment saying some of my posts were so well-written they sounded like poetry, which would have been a lovely thought if it hadn’t been attached to an ad for viagra.  Most persistent spammer, however, is something called lista de emails, which sends me two or three messages a day with randomised sentences that almost, but don’t quite, make sense; plus of course a lists of links.  Give it up, people!  I’m never going to hit any of the links.  And I’m never going to allow the comments to be posted on my blog where someone else might be fooled into clicking on the links.  Although I do kind of appreciate the randomness.  Sometimes it’s almost like haiku poetry.

And then I press “delete all” and we’re back to work.

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