February 28, 2013

I mean, seriously, Daily Mail?

HMRC recruits well-paid investigators and inspectors — often from universities or accountancy firms.
It has also launched a so-called tax academy to train inspectors.

Yes, a sinister cadre of… whisper it… people who might know what they’re talking about!  Why, I bet some of them even wear glasses… closet intellectuals, the lot of them.

Then the dark forces at work in HMRC even – prepare to gasp in horror – train them to do their jobs!  In a tax academy, no less.  (As opposed, presumably, to a plumbing apprenticeship?  Or a PhD in rocket sciences?)

I’m tempted to make a sarcastic comment about, oh, I don’t know, a “so called” newspaper.  But that would be petty.

One comment

  1. Obviously things have been upgraded since I did my training … no academy then … just a training centre. How mundane is that . And I don’t recall being well paid for what I did.I feel cheated!

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