Do something funny for money

March 5, 2013

Yes, Red Nose day is coming up and this year I’m fundraising with Krishnan Guru-Murthy’s #twittermillion team, trying to raise a few quid from you lovely people to change lives for the better in the UK and Africa.

Here’s how it works.  Between now and Red Nose day (nine days and counting!) I will try to post on this site every day.  You sponsor me for the number of posts – no more than one a day, honest, I’m not going to cheat! – and (completely cheating and counting this one – it’s a supply chain management issue, honest) then there’s a maximum of ten posts I might make.  You leave a note in the comments of how much you’ll sponsor me for – how about fifty pence a post, making a fiver all told?  Then when it’s Red Nose day – or before, if you like – you go here, to my just giving site, and – donate.  That’s all there is to it.

So come on all you tax wizards, tax muggles, and tax prats!  Put your money where your mouth is!  Specify which you are and we’ll see who’s more generous, Team Muggle or Team Wizard.


  1. Put me down for a tenner from the tax muggles

  2. A little help from a tax muggle.

  3. Thank you, team Muggle!

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