Work in progress

March 8, 2013

Come on, HMT, tell us what’s happening with the tax tracker page which you STILL haven’t updated (85 days and counting!) since 14th December.  If you’re putting your updates somewhere else, then will you please archive this page and put a damned link to the new one?

Oh, but everything will be wonderful once all government websites migrate to the gov.uk site.  Let’s have a look for tax consultations there, shall we?

OK then, we’re on the front page.  Now which of those headings do you think would cover open consultations on tax?  Let’s try… money and tax?  Hmmm.  Well that offers us six further options:

  • Court claims, debt and bankruptcy
  • Income Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • National Insurance
  • Self Assessment
  • VAT

which doesn’t look good.  So how about (going back to the first options page) “Inside Government: learn about government departments, policies, announcements and more”  That looks more promising.  Let’s go there.

Yes, there’s HMRC on the list of non-Ministerial departments.  So let’s go the HMRC home page.

OK, some stuff about RTI, that’s good, that’s up to the minute.  Scroll down.  Five picture windows, three of various “HMRC names tax cheats” or publishes prosecution details.  Well, OK, warn off the miscreants.  One window about child benefit disclaimers, OK, probably what lots of people are looking for.  And a new item about HMRC getting an award from the Prince’s Trust.

Scroll down a bit more.

“What we do”

Scroll down

Our policies

Scroll down…

Yes!  Success! “Our Consultations”:

Our consultations

Um… you know you’ve linked to the two CLOSED consultations, right?  Although the “see all of our consultations” link takes you to a gov.uk page which lists the same two OPEN consultation as on the HMRC site, but has different closed consultations…
Let’s try just putting “HMRC consultations” in the search box on the gov.uk first page… which gives you a list of results, but the first of them is this page which purports to list ALL government publications.
Work in progress, then.
(Um… does anyone actually KNOW where the 2013 Finance Bill clauses out for “technical consultation” are or were published?  Anyone?  Bueller???)
This post is the fourth of ten posts I intend to write between now and Red Nose day.  I have now reached (and in fact exceeded) my £50 fundraising target so a big thank you to everyone who donated.  And if you’re still getting round to it… my JustGiving page can be found here.  And thanks again!

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