Corrections and clarifications

March 18, 2013

I am, rather unusually, posting from a coffee shop on my mobile phone so forgive any infelicities of formatting.  But I’ve just seen this, from The Times’ “corrections and clarifications”:

The closure of HM Revenue & Customs inquiry centres will not, as reported…add 2 million extra calls to HMRC phone lines. Of the 2.4 million people who attended enquiry centres in person last year, 2 million were already being directed to make their enquiries by telephone.

So 2 million people – TWO MILLION PEOPLE – walked through HMRC’s doors and were told to piss off and pick up the phone instead? They were given an appalling service so we’re going to make it better by abolishing it? And what about the four hundred thousand people with whom HMRC evidently DID deign to converse? Will they get home visits?  This is nonsense!

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