Consultation forward look

July 22, 2013

There are twenty-three open consultations listed at gov.uk under “open consultations” and “HMRC”.  And, yes, two cheers to gov.uk for introducing a way of separating out “open consultations” from “closed consultations” and “all consultations” at long last.  Frustratingly, however, consultations are still listed in order of publication rather than the date which would actually be useful, the date on which they close!

Here, therefore, for your delight, delectation, and holiday planning, are links to all 23 in the order in which they close.  However I have to add a caveat that I was about half way through compiling the list when I realised that a small number of the consultations had ancillary documents (powerpoint slides, notes of meetings and other material) linked from the same part of gov.uk but at that point it was clear that compiling this list was going to take me all morning and I didn’t have time to go back and check which ones did and didn’t have ancillary documents.  If you’re interested in a particular document, go check!

But kudos to the Gov.uk people for introducing an “open consultations” tab at last! Woo, and indeed hoo.  But look at this page where they tell you there are, as of today’s date, one hundred and twelve open consultations across government.

Has anyone told the government they’re supposed to be cutting down on regulation, not going for the record?

 Amendments to Schedule 1 to the Hydrocarbon Oil Duties Act 1979 28 July 2013 
National insurance and self-employed entertainers 6 August 2013
 Offshore employment intermediaries 8 August 2013 
 A review of two aspects of the tax rules on partnerships 9 August 2013 
 Community amateur sports clubs (CASC) scheme 12 August 2013 
 Office of Tax Simplification: review of unapproved share schemes 16 August 2013
 Strengthening the Code of Practice on taxation for banks 16 August 2013
 Inheritance tax: simplifying charges on trusts 23 August 2013
 Modernising the taxation of corporate debt and derivative contracts 29 August 2013
 VAT treatment of refunds made by manufacturers 31 August 2013 
 Pensions tax relief: individual protection from the Lifetime Allowance charge 2 September 2013
 How to improve HMRC’s collection of debt: coding out 5 September 2013
 Investment Management Exemption and Collective Investment Schemes: expanding the “white list” 16 September 2013
 Interest distributions from Authorised Investment Funds paid without deduction of tax 16 September 2013
 Sharing and publishing data for public benefit  24 September 2013 
 Bank Levy Review 2013 26 September 2013 
 Venture Capital Trusts share buy-backs 26 September 2013
 VAT: Retail Export Scheme 30 September 2013
 Withdrawing relief for interest on loans to purchase life annuities 30 September 2013
 Reform of close company loans to participators rules 2 October 2013
 Simplifying the National Insurance processes for the self-employed 9 October 2013 
 Reform of an anti-avoidance provision: Transfer of Assets Abroad 10 October 2013 
 Residence of Offshore Funds – extending the scope of Section 363A Taxation Act 2010 14 October 2013 


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