Stand by your spreadsheets

October 18, 2013

So whether there is one tax consultation outstanding or nine, we at least have some idea about what happens next.

A Ministerial Written Statement by David Gauke, issued yesterday (17th) tells us that the government now has consulted on “over 30” areas of policy since the Budget.  (I’d factcheck that if they published them coherently enough to tell – but I’d point you again to my spreadsheet of 23 consultations published in July.  I wouldn’t have called those 23 separate policy areas, although I suppose we could debate whether – say – “simplifying national insurance processes for the self employed” is actually a separate policy area from “national insurance and self employed entertainers”. And where are the other seven???)

Anyway, looks like the autumn statement will be around December 10th or at least that’s when all the paperwork will be published.  The statement says:

Draft clauses to be included in Finance Bill 2014 will be published on 10 December 2014, together with responses to policy consultation, explanatory notes and tax information and impact notes. The consultation on the draft legislation will be open until 4 February 2014.

So whatever’s open now, the next batch will be open for consultation (although only on whether the draft legislation actually works or not) between 10 December and 4 February.


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