Call for evidence

January 22, 2014

I should have mentioned earlier that the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee has set up a sub committee which is looking at the 2014 Finance Bill.  They are looking in particular at two things: the taxation of partnerships and at the progress of the changes to tax policy making set out in Tax Policy Making: A New Approach.  The call for evidence closes tomorrow, 23 January, so you have JUST got time.  (Why do you think I’m blogging about it so late in the day???)

I’m rather conflicted about the partnerships thing: I have Strong Opinions on the subject, but not direct experience of being a member of a partnership.  I acted as deputy for one of the participants in the Office of Tax Simplification’s consultative committee at one meeting, but of course I was speaking to a brief.  So I think I’ll give that part of the call for evidence a miss: my opinions aren’t the same as evidence.  Damn you, academic rigour!

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