Get stuffed

March 5, 2014

I try the HMRC automated system again.  This time, because I’m trying to do something it understands (“chase repayment”) it’s actually kind of cool.  Or at least it would be, if you were a science fiction buff who enjoys living in the future and so gets kind of a kick out of interacting with intelligent sounding machines.  And not, say, someone who actually needed the money.

It asks me if I know when I last contacted HMRC about the repayment.  I enter the figures on the telephone keypad (rather disappointingly, since it breaks the illusion that you’re speaking to a machine that might pass the Turing test.  Because, you know, counting?)

The recorded voice informs me HMRC are currently taking up to [robot pause] four [robot pause] weeks to deal with repayments and sternly requests me not to contact HMRC again until [robot pause] twenty. fifth. march.

It didn’t actually SAY “get stuffed”.  But, honestly, I think I might have respected it more if it had.

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