Catching up

March 24, 2014

So I got my tax repayment on Friday, so I don’t have to spend the day on the phone tomorrow following up on my “chase repayment” phone call.  Well, I say I got my repayment – I got the money in my bank account, and the paperwork will (presumably) follow?  All I’ve had so far is a bill for the trivial amount of tax for 2012-13 which they had automatically repaid when I put in my return, which has presumably been paid from the rather larger amount they have repaid from the carry back of losses to 2011-12 which they have now actioned.  But, fair’s fair, if it’s a choice between getting the money and getting the paperwork, I know which one I’d prioritise.

And then there is my complaint…

I made a complaint.  HMRC grudgingly agreed I was correct (or at least that they wouldn’t try to collect the disputed amount) and then tried to collect the disputed amount via my tax code anyway.  So I had to make a second complaint.

Now I have a letter from the same complaint handler as the first time, apologising for the incorrect code and offering me £25 compensation.  Again, I haven’t had either the £25 or the revised coding notice.  But, again, it’s a timing issue and I’m prepared to believe they mean it this time.

But, be careful out there!


*edited Monday lunchtime 24 March 2014.  The postman called… and brought me my new tax code.  And it’s right!  Hurrah!  Well done complaints handler!

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