Bewitched, bothered and bewildered

May 6, 2014

Are we not bothering with the New Approach to Tax Policy Making any more then?

Yes, the capital letters are deliberate, because it was a whole swathe of policy about making tax policy that the coalition started with when it was all shiny-new and there were all sorts of positive principles about making tax policy over a longer cycle and with more consultation and…

Are we not giving the right answers?

Only I wonder because for the second year running there’s no swathe of budget-related consultations showing up anywhere that I can find them.  I mean, there are these four:

A bank levy banding approach:  closes 8 May 2014
Theatre tax relief:  closes 8 May 2014
Implementing a capital gains tax charge on non-residents:  closes 21 Jun 2014
Direct Recovery of Debts:  closes 29 Jul 2014

But look here, at the HMRC Budget page on gov.uk.  And keep going, down the page, till you get to “personal tax”… where you will find a whole list of changes announced in the Budget with links to a “policy paper”.

And now click on the links to one of the “policy papers”.  Because they seem to be, well, the TIINs.  Which aren’t what I would call “policy papers”.  But they aren’t consultations, either.  So… are we not bothering with consulting this year, then?

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