Consultation update

May 12, 2014

Has anyone else subscribed to the gov.uk email updates?  I ask only because I have subscribed, yet unaccountably didn’t receive anything telling me about the publication of the Direct recovery of debts consultation I was talking about yesterday.  Is it just me?

Oh, and while I’m about it, does anyone know what happened to the rules about not publishing controversial consultations during the pre-election “purdah” period (apparently we’re not calling it purdah but “pre-election” these days, which may well be less offensive language but doesn’t convey the same sense of restriction)  Again, I only ask because of course there are the European and local elections on 22 May and, oh look, the “pre-election period” started on 2nd May.  Should we really have been winding the world up about HMRC taking money out of our pockets at the start of an election campaign???  Skullduggery, or incompetence?  Sigh.

One comment

  1. The email alerts have been broken for as long as I can remember, which is almost as long as GOV.UK has been in existence. We were complaining about this over a year ago and were told it was on the GDS backlog. Like a lot of things we got tired of complaining and just accept that this feature doesn’t work.

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