November already?

November 1, 2014

It’s November.  How did that happen?

Well, first of all I started doing some GTA (graduate teaching assistant) work at the university and needed to get at least a chapter or two ahead of my students.  And then I had odds and ends of other work to do (speaking at a housing conference on behalf of the Women’s Budget Group, writing a piece about CIS for Pay and Benefits…) as well as, you know, life (not to mention the universe and everything).  And then I caught the first cold of the winter – or “Freshers’ Flu” or “Con Crud” or whatever you call it when you get ill after mixing with lots of new people – and frankly it knocked me on my back for the last fortnight and I’m still coughing like Mimi.

And then I looked around and there it was, November.

So.  I’m not going to grow a tache for Movember.  I’m not, this year, going to try and NaNoWriMo my 50k words. No.  Having reached week 6 of the academic year without having done any work towards my actual PhD at all, what I propose to do is AcWriMo: during November I will do at least one pomodoro of my own academic work (reading or writing directed towards completion of my PhD) every day.

If you would like to offer encouragement by way of sponsoring me for doing so, I also have a JustGiving page here.  I won’t be cluttering up this blog by posting everything I’m doing (although I’ll try and keep a running tally) but please feel free to cheerlead or arse kick, as appropriate, if you see me flagging.

Now – off to do some real work!

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