November 30, 2014

So why am I sitting here on a Sunday evening reading Research Methodologies in EU and International Law?

Because it’s the last day of November, and so it’s the last day of my AcWriMo challenge.  I’m doing my last bit of the “do some academic work every day” pledge that I made to myself at the start of the month.

It’s been a tough month – I’ve been teaching a subject that’s required a significant amount of preparatory reading, my cold turned into a chest infection, and for the first time I had to go to the funeral of someone who was both a contemporary and a close friend.  But I made it to the end.  I have done some academic work aimed at my own PhD (even if it was reading on the kindle for twenty minutes at midnight before I fell asleep) every day.

This persistence was largely fuelled by some kind people who cheerleaded for me and pledged support for my modest aim to raise the funds to keep the Cavendish Cancer Charity’s premises open for an hour.  So thank you, those lovely people who have already contributed.  And if you feel moved to help me make it to the last few quid, the JustGiving page is here.  Please.

And thank you, all.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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