Legislative gap? Legislative overload?

January 8, 2015

There’s a theory doing the rounds that the Coalition have run out of steam and are just coasting to the election date.  (7 May – in case you hadn’t heard!)

So where is the evidence?

You know where I’m going with this, right?  Yes, there are 2336 “publications” according to the front of the gov.uk consultations page today, of which 125 are open consultations (and, check figure, 2209 show up as “closed consultations“.  What are the other two???)

It’s January 8th today, the Thursday of the first full week back at work after the New Year for most people.  Quiet time, right, for catching up and getting organised?

Filter by “open consultations published after 1/1/2015” and you’ll find nine publications, ranging from how to comment on open access restrictions at Bickerley Common (which is a place in Hampshire where people walk their dogs but where birds like Bewick’s swan need to be protected from, er, eutrophication, whatever that is) to the Competition and Markets Authority’s draft Welsh Language Scheme which is out for consultation here (and which worried me a bit till I realised it was also out for consultation here in actual Welsh!)

Is that a lot, in a week?

I don’t know.  There were ten publications between 1/1/14 and before 9/1/14, and more organisations are migrating their web presence to gov.uk all the time.  There were 23 between the first and ninth of July (16 consultation outcomes and 7 new consulations) so maybe that’s about the going rate.

I don’t know.

It just seemed interesting to look at, that’s all.  As you were.

(But if you’re interested there are 9 open consultations about tax.  And this one closes at quarter to midnight tonight!)

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