What it says on the TIIN (which never gets old, seriously)

July 8, 2015

I won’t say that calling them TIINs was motivated by the line, but I do remember we were talking for a while about what to call the new document that combined the newly-invented Tax Impact Assessment with the now obsolete Budget Notes, and someone’s joke about doing what it says on the TIIN came around the time we lighted on TIIN.

But if you found your way here after seeing my piece about TIINs in this week’s Taxation, can I also draw your attention to this entry, where I published the internal Treasury and HMRC instructions on preparation of TIINs after obtaining them via an FoI request?

At this point I usually say something scathing about the way the 64 pages of instructions on how to prepare and produce an Impact Assessment are in the public domain and isn’t it interesting/annoying/suspicious that the instructions on how to prepare a TIIN which performs the same function for tax changes are hidden from view.  Except suddenly I can’t find the instructions on how to prepare impact assessments any more either.  Have they just been quietly downgraded on the gov.uk site or is it my google-fu that’s letting me down?  But whatever the case, why can’t I find the old instructions on the National Archive site either?  <puts on tinfoil hat, retreats to bunker>

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