January 27, 2016

You couldn’t make it up.  Or perhaps you could: the Daily Telegraph seems to be the only source for the news item at present so perhaps they had a testing-the-waters quote from the Minister responsible or someone in his office, because of course a respectable news source wouldn’t make up something like this.

Like what?  Well, it seems the BBC Charter Review consultation had over 190,000 responses – you’d think that would be a cause for celebration, but, no!  It’s not fair, says the government, apparently.  When we said “public consultation” we weren’t expecting mere opinions from mere members of the public, obviously!  We’ve had to take on extra staff to read them!  It cost us actual money! (And won’t the Freedom of Information Act requests for details of who, where from and how much they were paid be interesting!)

They needed an extra 25 staff?  For three months?  and – if we are to believe the Daily Telegraph

it has taken more than 10,000 man-hours to count the submissions

Here’s a tip: if it takes you ten thousand “man-hours” just to count the responses, you’re doing it wrong.  They came in electronically – I know, I responded.  Computers can count stuff like that much faster than people.  Maybe, I don’t know, employ some women next time???

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