Another tax tracker

May 21, 2012

There was a new version of the tax consultation tracker published on 18th May. There are twelve open consultations listed, although the VAT anomalies (pasties, caravans, hairdressers, sports drinks, self storage and listed building repairs) closed on Friday and you only have until next Friday to respond on the Gift Aid Small Donations scheme.  There are still 22 consultations “due to be published in May” – time’s getting on, guys, really! And there’s still no annotation to show what’s changed from the last iteration.  Only THIS time I had the foresight to save the document so I can check next time around!

And now I’m off to the States for a few days with my science fiction and fantasy head on – I shall be attending Wiscon, the worlds only feminist science fiction convention, where I am on panels discussing fan fiction and other transformative works, whether there’s any meaningful distinction between “fan” and “professional” writer in a world of self publishing, disability tropes in classic science fiction, and finally “newly professional older writers”.  Yes, that’s me, folks.

Just in case you were wondering, I shall of course be claiming the cost of attending the convention (less the small grant I have been awarded towards my costs) against my first self employed tax bill.


  1. Just remember to to have fun lol

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