A week may be a long time in politics, but in TAX???

June 6, 2012

So, it’s off with the union jack nail polish and back to work. A week in the States, a couple of days’ jet-lag and then the long bank holiday weekend… Did you miss me?

I had a couple of emails from the admirable They Work For You site while I was away, including one which notified me that David Gauke was announcing a consultation into the taxation of controlling persons (following the review into the tax arrangements of Civil Service appointees)  I’m going to have to come back to that one later in the week.

There was also a new version of the Tax Consultation tracker published on 31 May.  Oddly, it doesn’t seem to contain the Controlling Persons consultation… but it does now contain 22 “due to be published in June” consultations.  Um… weren’t there 22 “due to be published in May” consultations in the last iteration?  What happened?

No, seriously, I’m not just being amusing at the expense of my former colleagues.  Seriously.  The government intended to publish no fewer than 22 consultations before the end of May and now it has put them off to some time in June.  Why?  Has there been some change of heart?  Is it a political reaction to the idiotic “U turn on pasty tax” headlines?  (Altering your plans as a result of consultation is a feature, not a bug!  Say it with me!)

Or is it the result of a lack of resource in HMRC?


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