June round up

June 29, 2012

Wait a minute, it’s the last working day in June?  How did THAT happen?

Yes, there was another tax tracker update, issued on 22 June, and, yes, I missed it.

(Incidentally I see I still haven’t had an answer from the Treasury to my email on 14 May:

Hi.  I have been following the tax tracker with interest (I blog about it at https://tiintax.com/) and I wondered whether publishing the tracker as a pdf rather than as a searchable part of the html content of the page is in accordance with your accessibility commitments?

It would also be extremely useful if you told people how you had updated it when you DO update it.  How about it?)

Anyway.  There were six consultations whose deadline passed this week – more of them later.

What I wanted to draw to your attention however was the backlog.  You remember the 22 consultations that were due to be published in “May”? The ones that turned into 22 consultations that were due to be published in “June”? As of this morning, there are still 13 formal consultations and three informal consultations shown as being due in “June”, which of course ends on Saturday. Going to be a busy weekend for the web publishing team, then?

Why are there a dozen or so provisions – which have already been announced, whose details are due to be discussed with the rest of us – where the document isn’t ready to be published?  Is it government indecisiveness, or HMRC lack of resource, or both?  Paxman, please note next time you have a Treasury Minister in your studio…

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