Bit of politics

May 22, 2014

What’s the most subversive thing you can do today?


No vote is a wasted vote. Even writing “none of the above” on a ballot paper is better than staying at home. Vote!

If you despise them all, pick someone who won’t get in and vote for them – let’s see some constituencies where the Monster Raving Loonies outnumber the lot of them. Vote!

Did you know the government is taking longer holidays because the coalition has run out of ideas? Vote! Show them we want something different, show them they can’t assume a low turnout and appeal only to the tiny number of swing voters – show them their numbers don’t add up and this isn’t a game of Moneyball, it’s a functioning democracy with a lot of pissed off people. Who vote.

Vote for someone. Vote for anyone. Subvert the system. Vote!

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