In which HMRC raises my blood pressure. Again.

May 23, 2014

OK there’s a new HMRC consultation published today, which brings the total of open consultations listed on the gov.uk website to a grand total of, er, three.  Seriously, are they not going to do ANY consultation on the budget proposals this year?

They are:

Implementing a capital gains tax charge on non-residents (closes 21 June)

Direct recovery of debts, also known as the “HMRC will be able to take money direct from your bank account shock horror” provision (closes 29 July) and, the new one,

Tax-Free Childcare: consultation on childcare account provision (closes 27 June)

Wait a minute – published today?  Closes 27 June???  They’re giving us a whole 35 days to respond???

Actually that’s only 24 working days

Oh, and (hidden on the last page of the consultation document)

6.3 Responses should be accompanied by a cover sheet, which is available at this address: http://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/tax-free-childcare-consultation-on-childcare-account-provision.

Yes, this is a second consultation and there has already been one consultation already.  But is that REALLY any excuse for putting out a consultation with four weeks to respond, AND a new hurdle to jump of obtaining and completing a for goodness’sake Treasury approved cover sheet before you can even send in a response?


I mean, seriously?

Why not just print “eff off, peasants” on the front page and make it really clear you’re not interested in our <insert patrician disdain> views?

Oh, and here’s what the “cover sheet” looks like.  They don’t, of course, call it a “cover sheet” on the web address they send you to, but a “response form”.  It’s nevertheless clear they mean you to fill it in or else.  I’m so cross I’ve actually got a headache and I’m going for a bit of a lie down now.  If my brain explodes over the weekend, please sue HMRC on my behalf.


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